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Mystical & magical stain glass and mosaic

Christine has been studying stained glass for the past 14 years and works from her home in Somerset .

The magical , mystical and spiritual are always close to her heart , and uses  her love of wildlife and animals to inspire her designs ,This helps her to produce a calming and peaceful piece of stained glass .

All her pieces are hand made and hand painted , then kiln fired . so each piece of stained glass is individual , though done from the same design , they all vary a little as no 2 pieces of glass are the same.

She usually makes each piece to order , but some smaller suncatchers she does keep in stock,  if you require a piece urgently or have a question  , please contact her as it will usually take about 3 weeks to make.
Larger commissions and panels will take longer to make, please contact me.

Latest Work

Hand made Spirit Of The Hare traditional stained glass original panel

Hand made and hand painted then kiln fired traditional leaded stained glass Spirit of the Hare panel . The guardian lady of the Hare watches over all Hare's seen here 2 hare's protected by the [...]

Hand painted Peeking Fox stained glass suncatcher

Hand painted stained glass peeking fox sun catcher , This fox is just waking , curled up in a ball and peeking out from behind his tail

Midsummer Nights Dream

lovely hand painted stained glass panel original design A hand painted oringinal stained glass panel of Shakespeares A Midsummer Nights Dream . Titania asleep in the forest , surrounded by fairies and a lovely [...]

Green Lady

Leaping Fox

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